The Club Body

The Karapiro Water Ski Club is an incorporated society affiliated to the New Zealand Water Ski Association. The club is run by an annually elected committee and aims to cater for the needs of families and recreational skiers as well as promoting opportunities for those wishing to enter competition skiing.

Lake Karapiro is one of the largest lakes on the Waikato River and lies behind the Karapiro Hydro Electric Dam commissioned in 1950 to generate power for the greater Waikato region. The lake provides an international class water sports venue, offering 7.7 square kilometres of flat water enjoyed by canoeists, water‐skiers, yachters, rowers & boaties. In addition to the vast open waters of Lake Karapiro, the club has exclusive access to “the backwater” – a sheltered arm off the main lake complete with world class slalom course. The backwater has been the breeding ground for many National and International Water Ski champions over many years.


We are proud to be one of the oldest water skiing organisations in New Zealand.

The Karapiro Water Ski Club Inc began as a dream of a group of passionate water skiers, many of whom did not have their own equipment and often couldn’t find the skiing buddies they needed. In 1957 they decided to do something about it. The solution was to form a club. After several months of back breaking work the clubhouse was ready for use. A club boat was purchased for the use of members, bringing the joys of water skiing to many. Since that time the Karapiro Water Ski Club has grown and the members have continued to improve the club’s facilities.

Early members managed to convince the Waipa DC to include Zone 1 in the club’s long standing lease. Zone 1, which is nestled in one of the most secluded areas in the Southern Hemisphere, provides optimum ski conditions, and so a slalom course was purchased to meet the requirements of world‐class skiers. Nowadays we attract international skiers to our slalom course for training and coaching purposes.

Amid this progress, the children were growing up with a safe place to enjoy water skiing with several each year competing at a national level. Many of our juniors sport trophies with their parents, and some beside their grandparent’s names engraved from long ago. The vision of our founding members has certainly become a reality.

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